Do plastic bags have BPA (Bisephenol A)

According to both the Ziploc and Glad bag websites neither of them contain BPA.  I choose to purchase more expensive baggies, gallon and sandwich, because I know they do not contain BPA.  I then reuse these bags by washing them using the Washy Wonder in my dishwasher. 

I choose not to use the cheap bags not only because they tear and rip easily, but because they may contain BPA. 



IHA – International Housewares Association

I will be attending the trade show International Housewares Association (IHA) in Chicago, Illinois from March 10 – March 11, 2012.  This is an opportunity for me to show off the Washy Wonder to buyers and PR folks.  I am very excited to attend this industry show and can’t wait to see the “inventor’s corner.”  Since I am a Mom Inventor I am excited to see what other inventor’s have been working on. 

The other great thing about the show is that former republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman will headline the show breakfast. Can’t wait to see products and introduce the Washy Wonder to mass marketing so it will get onto store shelves all around the U.S. and Canada. 


Freezing muffins and croissants from Costco in gallon sized bags

I make a huge Costco run about every 2 months and I buy their muffins, croissants and salmon.  Since we can’t possibly eat all of that in a week, I put small portions into gallon sized zipper storage bags. Then I put the bounty in the freezer and pull out as needed. In the attached photo you will see the 9 plastic bags I am reusing for this project – as I use the muffins I will then wash the bag in the dishwasher using the Washy Wonder. Every single bag in the photo has been reused several times – my goal is to make it 5X through the dishwashing cycle – think of how many bags that saves from the landfill!

Air Drying Plastic Bag after using Washy Wonder

I use the Washy Wonder in my dishwasher to wash plastic sandwich bags like this one from my kids’ lunch box.  I don’t use the dry cycle on my dishwasher so the plastic bags that are washed tend to be a little wet – kind of like wet plastic Tupperware.  I take the bags and use a plastic chip clip (don’t use metal because it will leave a rust streak on the bag) and then stick them on my refrigerator.  They dry during the day and the next morning I reuse the plastic bags in the lunch box again. You can also use a wooden bag dryer to dry the plastic sandwich or other sized bags. 


Plastic baggie coming off the Washy Wonder in the dishwasher

Many times I have been asked about the Washy Wonder and “doesn’t the bag come off and end up in the bottom of the dishwasher???”  The simple answer is no, it doesn’t!  As you can see by the photo when a bag does slip off the Washy Wonder paddles it inevitable gets hung up on the second paddle.  I have NEVER had a plastic baggie of any size come completely off the Washy Wonder and end up in the bottom of the dishwasher.  So no need to worry about that at all.  Image