Lunchskins – wash and reuse with the Washy Wonder

Lunchskins are dishwasher safe and work great on the Washy Wonder.  You can put them on the Washy Wonder paddles inside out if the bags are really dirty and they come completely clean.  The Lunchskins snack and sandwich bags work great and the bags are completely sanitized during the dishwashing cycle, especially if you had a meat or cheese product in the bags and are worried about bacteria.



Zipper baggie with salmon – wash and reuse


I buy salmon as a large fillet and cut it into small sized portions since I have only one salmon lover in the family.  I take the smaller pieces of salmon and place them in a plastic zipper bag and freeze them for later use.  See the photo of my daughter holding icky, slimy salmon coated zipper plastic bags (believe it or not, she is our salmon lover).  Here are those same bags after I ran them through my dishwasher using the Washy Wonder.  Completely clean, sanitized and no salmon smell at all. This also works great with reseal a meal style bags as well for the fishermen out there!



Frozen Berries in Ziploc Bag

I freeze fresh raspberries every summer and use them throughout the year for pies and smoothies.  Here is a picture of a bag of frozen berries.  I used the berries, put the very berry coated Ziploc bag on the Washy Wonder paddles, ran it through the dishwasher and the bag came out sparkling clean ready for reuse again and again.Image