Ziploc Vacuum Bag – clean and reuse




The first photo shows a Ziploc Vacuum Bag I used to put crab stuffed salmon in – then into the freezer for latter use.  I then put the same bag on the Washy Wonder paddles in my dishwasher with the bag INSIDE OUT since it was so dirty.  The last picture is after the dishwasher cycle showing the clean bag.


Wash peanut butter and jelly zipper plastic bag

Here is my daughter’s very peanut buttery plastic bag when I took it out of her lunch box and then put it on the washy wonder’s in the dishwasher.  When a plastic bag is very dirty I like to turn it inside out before putting it onto the washy wonder paddles.

Here is the very clean plastic bag after it went through the heated dishwasher cycle, sani rinse and heated dry.

Mirador Community Store

For tho you in and around Portland Oregon you can now buy Washy Wonder’s locally at the wonderful Mirador Community Store located at 2106 SE Division St. In Portland.

Visit their website at

Their store is the alternative to the big box store and has really interesting and fun items – a great store to just browse through and visit with the owners Lynn and Steve.