Back to School – Packed Lunches – be sure to reuse plastic sandwich bags

Yes, it is back to school time.  In my home, that means packed lunches; my kids do NOT like the school lunches at all.  Since I have a 6th, 9th and 11th grader that means 3 plastic sandwich bags a day for peanut butter & jelly, ham and cheese,turkey and cheese sandwiches. 

When the kids come home I clean out their lunch boxes and put the three dirty bags onto the Washy Wonder paddles in my dishwasher.  For really dirty sandwich bags, I turn the bag inside out for washing.  Image



Then I run the dishwasher and hang the clean plastic sandwich bags on my refrigerator to dry and then for reuse the next day. 


I figure I save hundreds of plastic sandwich baggies from the landfill each school year by reusing these sandwich baggies over and over again in my kids’ school lunches.